What to Wear in Your Late 20s and What to Retire

Fall, to me, has always felt like a new year: The carefree summer feeling ends while the world gears up to embrace a completely new season. So I guess it’s quite fitting that I have two pretty big life events happening in the next month. For one, I’m moving out of the apartment I’ve lived in since I graduated from college and to a completely different part of the city (bye-bye, Santa Monica). But most importantly, I’m turning 25.

I won’t get into a long emotional rant of all the things I’m feeling as I approach a quarter-of-a-century years old because I know you’re just here to shop. I’ll get straight to the point: It’s time to get rid of some things. As I prepare for my move, I keep coming across items I’m somewhat ashamed to still own as an almost 25-year-old, so I’ve created a big give-away box full of everything I’m ready to retire. But don’t get it twisted: As these items go out, new ones are for sure coming in. (I have a shopping problem, okay? I don’t need to hear it.) Curious to see the things that are getting the boot, plus the chic pieces I’m replacing them with? Keep scrolling to come along on my clean-out journey.

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