Urbanstems’ Low-Maintenance, Indoor Plants Upgraded My Work From Home Space

Hachadourian, who is also the author of Orchid Modern, says orchids prefer bright, filtered light — but not direct sunlight — and warm temperatures above 55 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. They’re very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, which includes the journey from a greenhouse to your home. The sphagnum moss it’s potted in “acts almost like a sponge holding large amounts of water,” Hachadourian tells Allure, so he says to check up on your orchid frequently and add tepid water once the moss has almost dried out.

It’s a little more finicky than the other plants and a few petals have fallen off after the first few weeks, but if you stay away from overwatering, overdrying, strong sunlight, and cold drafts — basically any extreme conditions — then Hachadourian says that “happy orchids with long-lasting blooms, such as [The Madonna], can have blooms last up to six weeks or even longer.” That’s much longer than any bodega flowers will last.

And if you’re really invested in your newfound plant-parent life, here are a few other things you might find useful and aesthetically pleasing, including a side table (that’s cooler than mine) to show off your babies:

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The Bottom Line

I never felt like I was “on top of things” enough to bring plants into my apartment, but I feel like I’ve taken the first steps to decorate my space with this trio of relatively low-maintenance UrbanStems plants. Just be careful not to overwater! They certainly make my workdays brighter when I glance over from my desk, which is set up beside my side table and window, and I hope they sow some secondhand effects from me while I’m chatting away with friends or coworkers on Zoom. 

Taking care of plants during this time has also made me feel a little less overwhelmed and a bit more in control. Maybe if I can keep these three alive, I’ll consider getting a pet next. 

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