Types of Ear Piercings to Try in 2020 — Conch, Tragus, Helix

One trip to the mall to get your lobes pierced used to be enough to give your ears some sparkle. Now, people are venturing beyond that first and second hole into tragus, conch, and helix (aka cartilage) territory for adornment, making decking out your ears with multiple hoops and clusters of studs more acceptable than ever.

Thanks to Instagram, showing off ear curations has spawned piercing trends and even sleek, photo-worthy piercing studios in New York City and Los Angeles.

Just a couple weeks into 2020, K-pop stars are even experimenting with unconventional placements, too. (See: JB’s anti-eyebrow and HyunA’s collarbone dermals.) This seems to be the year to go under the piercing needle. With that in mind, I asked five piercing experts what the most requested placements are lately to see what the top piercing trends of 2020 are.

1. Stacks

Adrian Castillo/Instagram

If you’re looking for a piercing isn’t that painful and is easy to heal, the stacking trend is your best option. It’s by far the most popular piercing you can get on your lobes in 2020. Every piercer I interviewed brought up the placement.

Most of the time, “a tiny stud is added on top of a hole that already exists,” explains Adrian Castillo, a piercer at 108 Studios, which has locations in New York City and Los Angeles. Alternately, you can get two new piercings placed vertically on your lobe in the place of your second hole.

“The idea came from the necessity of needing to make everyone’s old mall piercings as symmetrical as possible or make it look like they were pierced low on purpose,” he adds. “It’s a fun way to breathe new life into a lobe.”


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