TikTok Star Addison Rae Launches Makeup Brand, Item Beauty — Interview

When beauty influencers tire of simply influencing — and using other people’s products to do so — it makes perfect sense that they would launch their own beauty brands. And so many have done exactly that. TikTok star Addison Rae is not exactly known as a beauty influencer; she rose to fame doing fun-to-replicate dances on the wildly popular video-clip app. So how does a dance influencer end up launching a makeup line? Six words: She got it from her mama.

“[My mother] was a makeup artist, and being in competitive dance, for performances, we would always wear super flashy makeup, like the shiny eyeshadow and bright red lips and lots of blush. So I feel like I was kind of always around makeup growing up,” Rae tells Allure. “I loved her love for makeup and it, it really just fueled my love for makeup.”

That love is now manifesting as Item Beauty, the new brand of which the 19-year-old is the co-founder and chief innovation officer. And at the helm, Rae is able to prioritize certain standards for the products, which, compared to the stage makeup she used to wear during dance competitions, are probably much more thoughtfully formulated.

“I’ve always looked for clean products anytime I’d go buy makeup, and it’s definitely not the easiest thing to find,” Rae says, noting that Item is dermatologist-tested, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly. “These products are designed with exactly what I look for in products on the daily. And so now, with Item, I have my own products that are exactly what I was looking for and couldn’t find.” 

Naturally, it’s nearly impossible for Rae to choose her favorite Item product out of the six that dropped with the brand launch, but she has to admit she’s “obsessed with” the hydrating, glossy Lip Quip lip oil ($12), which is made with almond oil, camellia, and shea butter. “I love a good wet lip, so it’s so perfect for that,” she says, raving about its fruity flavor. “I literally will eat it out of the bottle. It’s probably the best flavor I’ve ever had on my lips.”  

As for the other products debuting with the launch, there’s the Brow Chow slanted brow pencil with a unique, built-in brush ($14); Lash Snack mascara ($14), packed with natural conditioning ingredients; five shades of Lid Glaze ($14), a jelly-like eye shadow with a wet finish; the Cheek Money two-tone bronzer compact ($16); and Powder Hour brightening and blurring powder with a built-in brush ($22).

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