These 25 Trendy H&M Items Are All Under $100

Finding trendy items at a low price point is just as nice as having your cake and eating it too, at least to us shopping-obsessed freaks out there. As an editor, it truly brings me joy to share with you all of my latest and greatest shopping finds, and today, those happen to all be at H&M. While scrolling through my favorite section of the site—the trend section—I was blown away by how luxe and expensive everything looked. So much so that I felt like I was being tricked or duped, if you will.

After more scrolling and about 35 open tabs, I realized that no, this was not too good to be true. It was real. H&M’s trend section is filled with every major It style of the moment—from long shorts to shirred blouses (and for less than $100), all of those styles currently getting their claim to fame could be yours.

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