The Under-$40 Pants That Will Rival Your Jeans This Winter

Okay, we’ll never fully give up on our jeans. After all, they’re the ultimate staple in our closets and half of our outfits depend on them. But this season more than ever, there’s a rising trend that’s threatening to knock denim off its sartorial high horse. Enter the wide-leg pant trend. From Valentino to Chanel, we saw loose, languid trousers dominate the F/W 19 silhouettes, and fashion girls are only confirming our suspicions, as we’ve spotted them prioritizing the luxurious-looking pants over their beloved jeans.

As we do pretty often when we spot emerging trends, we took it upon ourselves to design our very own version of the wide-leg pant trend for our Who What Wear collection at Target. Thanks to its high waist and satiny-silk texture, our Silky Wide-Leg Pants rival any of their expensive counterparts. Not only are they a cool option to elevate your outfits this fall and winter, but they clock in at just under $40, so there’s no reason not to try them out for yourself.

Keep reading to see how the trend emerged on the runway, fill up on outfit ideas from some of our favorite fashion girls and then, of course, shop our affordable version.

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