The Ultimate List of Gift Ideas for Zodiac Signs – Holidays 2019

Holiday shopping can be overwhelming. No matter how well you know your friends and loved ones, it can be difficult to juggle all the things you have going on in your life plus trying to pick out the perfect gifts for your best friend, your partner, and your boss. Having an extra edge is helpful, and sometimes, astrology is the tool you need to help you understand someone just a little better. That’s why, in addition to all our other gift guides this year, we’ve also created 12 helpful zodiac-based gift guides to help you make your gift lists based on the signs of your loved ones.

On these lists, you’ll find suggestions like chic (yet durable) travel accessories for the adventurous Sagittarius in your life, high-end cookware for your favorite Cancer party host, and luxurious face masks to remind your humanitarian Aquarius friends to indulge in a little self-care every once in a while. For these and the rest of our astrological gift guide suggestions, see below.

Make these rams feel like the fearless leaders they are with gifts that show them they come first in your life.

It’s actually a misconception that this sign is lazy — they just know how to relax in style. Help them do so with some of these gifts.

This chatty sign is ruled by the planet of communication, and we have quite a few gifts for them that keep that in mind.

This crab loves to keep a home that reflects their inner spirit — but that doesn’t mean they can’t throw a good party. Grab a gift or two for the host with the most from this guide.

Make the Leo in your life feel like the center of attention with these showstopping gifts — they’ll gift you right back with the thank you of a lifetime.

If you’re worried about impressing your perfectionist Virgo friend, we’ve got you covered with this list. And for the record, they only want the best because they care.

As one of the signs ruled by Venus, this sign appreciates beauty even more than most. That’s why this gift guide is full of luxe items fit for a Libra.

As this is the horniest and most intense sign of the zodiac, gifts for Scorpios need to reflect the receiver.

These extroverted party animals are spontaneous as hell, and shopping for them can be incredibly fun.

These sea goats play as hard as they work, so get them something to help them rest and recharge.

Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac, and they often need to be reminded to take time for themselves. Take the holidays as an opportunity to do so with some of these gift ideas.

These water signs are notoriously empathetic and magical. Help them nurture their creative side this holiday season.

Need more gift ideas?

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