The Pandemic Has Determined Fall 2020’s Hair Color Trends

Ferrara tells Allure she usually approaches curly hair with balayage. “This way I can stretch the curl and see which way the hair is going to lay as it falls. I layer on a nice amount of lightener to make sure that the curls pop and look defined once they dry,” she explains. Ferrara also says that if the hair is painted in too subtle a manner, the highlights tend to get swallowed up by the curls rather than creating a defined highlight.

Natural hair colors

We’ve also been spending a lot of time with ourselves as we are for the past few months, and as uncomfortable as some of that time may have been, many of us have started to get used to our natural hair textures, our faces without makeup, and our natural hair colors. “A lot of people are starting to see their gray hair. They’re starting to see their natural color coming. And because they’re almost forced to live with that color for a little bit, they have become used to it,” explains Smalley. 

Others will go bolder with color

On the other hand, some folks are looking to try out new techniques and aren’t afraid to push the limits. Many colorists who have been solely doing virtual consultations and mixing up at-home kits for months are only too excited to try out some colorful looks on fearless clients. 

Mixing bold colors

Morrow says she loves seeing multiple colors mixed together, especially when braided. She’s partial to colors like blues, pinks, and purples, and also tells Allure that many of the clients who are booking appointments with her now are asking for bolder, more colorful looks, rather than opting for a low-maintenance route. “I’ve seen more of a, ‘Let’s just do it now,’ attitude,” she says. 

Bold blue hair color by Tai Morrow

Courtesy of Tai Morrow

While Ho-Sang’s original priority after stay-at-home orders was getting her clients back to where they were previous to COVID-19, she’s totally on board to go wherever their imagination takes them. “I love trying bold colors! I think that my priority after the quarantine was to get my clients back in their routine so that we can try bold vibrant colors for the summer. If they’re up for it, I’m all in,” she tells Allure.

Colorful bangs

There’s also the option of strategically placing bold colors in parts of the hair that are noticeable but may quickly grow out so you can change hues if you so desire. Colorful bangs, whether done with temporary or permanent dye, is something to look out for. “I’ve also seen fringe color pops. So, people are doing like their normal hair color and like a heavy fringe where their face frame is, and they’re doing like a pop of color there. I’ve seen a lot of pinks with that. I’ve also seen some blues and some yellows, which look really cool,” Smalley says. 

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