The Holiday Gift You Should Never Give

Sure, it’s the thought that counts, but it’s safe to say that you probably don’t want to give a gift that’s just going to be returned, regifted, or sold. But gift-giving is hard, and sometimes we all need a little guidance. Enter online resale company thredUP and its 2019 edition of the most-purged holiday gifts.

 The introduction to the report reads: “Every January, thredUP receives a surge of rejected holiday gifts: more never-worn, new-with-tags items are sent to thredUP post-holiday than other times of year.” So what’s on 2019’s list, which could inform your holiday shopping? These are the top 5 items thredUP received with tags still attached post-holidays (in order): Disney kids T-shirts, Asics sneakers, New Balance sneakers, Forever 21 dressy tops, and Nike shorts.

Based on the data, thredUP concluded that activewear topped this year’s most-purged gift list. They said, “Workout gear is a personal gift, and it’s tough to get the fit right, which is likely why the data shows higher rates of new-with-tags running shoes and active shorts being resold to thredUP in January.” But oddly enough, the safest bet brand they named is Lululemon, as 97% of items they received from the brand this year were without tags. Coming right after Lululemon at 96% was Prada, as it holds its value.

Keep scrolling to shop some of the most giftable pieces from Lululemon and Prada, and read the full report here.

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