The 6 Best Winter-to-Spring Denim Outfits From Celebs

It’s official: Spring is coming (cue collective sounds of rejoicing!). That means longer days and warmer temperatures are on the horizon. But what baffles me every year is that awkward period between winter and spring when it’s not quite cold enough for all of your winter layers but also not quite warm enough for spring dresses and sandals. Not to mention the dramatic fluctuations of temps throughout the day—50s in the morning, 70 in the afternoon, 40s at night—it can make getting dressed beyond confusing.

That’s why I decided to look to some of the best-dressed people on the planet (who also have a team of stylists behind their every move) for inspiration on what to wear during the awkward winter-to-spring transition. Celebs like Hailey Bieber and Priyanka Chopra have mastered the art of layering transitional pieces, and I plan on riding their coattails this year. Below are the six best winter-to-spring denim outfits I’ll be copying from celebs (and highly suggest you do as well).

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