The 52 Best Affordable Summer Dress, All Under $100

According to my overflowing dresser drawers, I acquired more pairs of joggers, hoodies, and leggings during the months of March and April than I had in all of 2019. What can I say? I was beyond eager to trade out my usual blazer-and-jeans office uniform for work-from-home-friendly sweat outfits. At least at first…

Now that it’s day 70 or 100 (is anyone even still counting?) of quarantine, sweatpants have almost entirely lost their appeal. I’ve slowly started to wear “real” clothes around the house to raise my spirits and change my mindset, and honestly, it’s been working. I’m still practical, though: There are a few pairs of jeans, and definitely no blazers, in my current rotation. In fact, I’ve mostly been wearing cute dresses I know I’ll continue to get use out of once businesses, parks, and beaches reopen (aka once summer actually feels like summer). For now, these 52 under-$100 dresses have my full attention, and my guess is they’re about to have yours, too.

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