The 5 Biggest Outerwear Trends of the Season

We’ve debunked the age-old myth that something has to be expensive to look expensive many times over. While we’ve recently highlighted the qualities that make cheaper shoes and basics appear higher-end, we thought we’d focus next on outerwear. After all, it’s one of the sartorial categories at the top of our minds as we head deeper into winter.

Interestingly enough, after zeroing in on the noteworthy coat trends of 2019 and 2020, we quickly realized that while you could drop serious cash on each, the most elevated outerwear looks are actually available for under $200. Sure, that’s not super cheap, but when you think about a coat purchase as an investment in something you’ll wear every day, it seems all the more reasonable. With all that said, keep scrolling for a bit of visual and shopping inspiration. And trust—integrate one (or a few) of these affordable and chic coat trends into your winter wardrobe, and you’ll have quite the expensive-looking outfits.

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