The 20 Best Bras for Small Chests

There is no real reason for me to wear a bra. I have nothing to hold up or in—just a small chest that at times is more visible than others, depending on my outfit. Because there are no structural needs for my bra-wearing, I choose bras purely based on how they make me feel. And I only like the feel of one kind: an unlined underwire bra.

Underwire? No lining? I can hear the cries of dissent from my quarantined home office, but hear me out. I actually like having a small chest, so I don’t want to create an illusion of something that isn’t there. And I don’t want a flimsy bra that is going to move every time I do. The underwire ensures that everything—flesh and fabric—is going to stay in place no matter how many times I tuck my hair behind my ears or how crazy I dance. I know many find the underwire confining or uncomfortable, but to me, it feels like a steady embrace.

I feel so strongly about these two details that anything else could be true about the bra, and I’d still buy it. Plunge cups or demi cups? Doesn’t matter. Classic straps versus racerback straps? Don’t care. Mesh, lace, silk, or microfiber? I’ll take all four if they have an underwire and no lining.

Convinced yet? I’ve handpicked 20 unlined underwire bras for your easy shopping.

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