The 18 Best Body Moisturizers

There’s a certain allure surrounding celebrity skincare routines that leaves us regular folks downright desperate for details. We glean what we can from their glam squads, who will occasionally throw us a bone about the hair and makeup items that help them look their best, but it seems like skincare regimens are decidedly more private. Getting even more specific, finding out what kind of body moisturizers any given It girl uses requires some serious research.

Thankfully, digging into the personal beauty rituals of the biggest stars is what we do best. In pursuit of the best moisturizers out there, we researched our little hearts out to get to the bottom of the lotions, creams, and oils used by the glowiest of A-listers. But that’s not all! We also got into the ingredients to show you some more affordable options to help you get your glow on all winter, too.

Read on to learn more about the best moisturizers out there right now, and don’t forget to shop your favorites.

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