The 17 Best Underwire Bras The Internet Agrees On

The hunt for the best bra is, for many women (including myself), a years-long affair. Little did I know when I first entered the world of bra shopping that it would lead me down a long and winding road with dozens of recommendations from friends, a good number of trial-and-error and countless hours spent reading online reviews. Speaking of reviews, I recently found myself in a bit of an internet rabbit hole reading customer reviews in search of a good underwire bra. I won’t go so far as to admit the actual number of hours spent searching (just trust me, it’s a lot), but I will divulge my findings.

Namely, that all my research on retailers like Nordstrom and Amazon and a few emerging bra brands like Cuup and Savage x Fenty resulted in adding 17 bras to my cart. From standard T-shirt bras I always need restocking to a few pretty lace options, scroll down to see all the best underwire bras that found their way into my cart, and read the reviews if you’re so inclined.

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