The 15 Softest Sweaters on the Internet

I’ll be the first to admit I am a very picky person. I like my clothes folded and hung in a certain direction (not to mention color-coordinated). I like my scrambled eggs cooked exactly right (rich and creamy—never fully cooked through). And I like my sweaters to be the absolute softest against my skin (coarse fabrics and itchiness simply will not do!). Luckily, my sweater snobbery has lead me to discover some of the best soft sweaters out there—including the brands, retailers, and specific styles that are leading the pack in cushy comfort.

As a fashion editor, I am also fortunate that I get to try, touch, feel, and see plenty of cozy knits on a regular basis, and because it’s now officially “sweater weather” I wanted to share some of my favorite findings with you, our dear readers. Scroll below for some of the absolute softest sweaters on the market right now that you’ll want to snuggle up in all season long. 

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