The 14 Best Cuticle Treatments for Fighting Winter Dryness

Winter isn’t famous for all the great things it does for your skin, but your hands get way more than their fair share of the cold and what it can do to your cuticles in particular. Between hand-washing, dry air, and the inevitable exposure to the elements (sure, gloves are great, but sometimes a text message just can’t wait) all take their toll, ravaging your cuticles and leaving them split and peeling. Not cute — and definitely not comfortable, either.

But we found the antidote — 14 of them, in fact. We’ve rounded up the most awesomely effective cuticle conditioners to get your fingertips back into double-tapping (maybe even Instagram manicure modeling?) shape. Best of Beauty Award-winning hand creams and cuticle serums from Olive & June and Philosophy kick off the list, followed by options at every budget, including Dior, Clinique, and Sally Hansen. So once you get your cuticles back in working order, you can proudly show them off with one of the season’s trendiest nail art ideas without worrying that a jagged cuticle will snag your sweater.

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