Scott Barnes’s New Makeup Palettes Were Tested on Jennifer Lopez

Although having so many colors to choose from may seem overwhelming, Barnes wants users to experiment boldly and trust how he’s methodically laid out the shades in each palette. “I rarely stick to just one color as a primary. I like to paint the face and discover those lightning-in-a-bottle looks each and every time, and customers should not be afraid to mix things up,” Barnes tells Allure. “I often use palettes and colors in unconventional ways, so I spent countless years developing the best formulas to achieve the highest versatility possible and put a lot of time into designing the color placements for each.

Those years of development included testing out the shades with various looks on Jennifer Lopez. “From inception, through development to finalization, I used all of the palettes on Jennifer,” Barnes tells Allure, explaining that he made many of the final changes and small pigment adjustments during her “It’s My Party” tour and while filming Hustlers. This allowed him to compare how the colors looked to the naked eye versus on-camera.

But as exciting as it was to have Lopez as a canvas during the palettes’ development stages, Barnes is especially excited about the finished products and how everyone else will use them. “I have already used them on Jennifer for multiple campaigns and magazine covers, and we now use them exclusively as our automatic go-to palettes,” Barnes says. “I’m so excited that everyone gets to use them now!”

The new palettes are now available on

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