Reviewed: Moonlit Skincare, an Overnight Skincare Brand

As you may be aware, I have really sensitive skin. What you may not know about me, however, is that I also suffer from insomnia. So, for me, it’s not enough to just have a good night-time skincare routine: I need a full, relaxing bedtime routine in general. It’s simply the number one rule for practicing good sleep hygiene. And since I’m already oversharing, I’ll just say that I hate routines. Call me a typical Gemini, I don’t care—it takes something really special to get me to commit to anything. That’s where Moonlit Skincare comes in. My old roommate turned me onto this overnight skincare brand, knowing my issues with sleep. 

Born out of the concept that night is the best time to apply skincare products, Moonlit aims to maximize the benefits of restorative sleep. In fact, it’s so committed to good sleep, it doesn’t only sell facial skincare products. From bath salts and bedtime tea to silk sleep masks and pillowcases, Moonlit has thought of everything for creating the perfect relaxing environment to unwind before bed. I know its products have made it easier for me to build out a bedtime routine—featuring calming tea, soothing bedside smells, topical oils, and books—that helps me get to sleep faster.

Moonlit’s products are effectively soothing or cleansing, and sometimes both. They’re gentle enough to be layered together, too. I know when I pat the Midnight Shift facial oil into my skin and slide the silk mask over my eyes, I’m going to sleep well and wake up looking refreshed. Want to discover the full Moonlit treatment for yourself? Keep scrolling.

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