Oscars 2020: Lucy Boynton’s Wavy Hair Is Studded with Pearls

If it seems like the pearls in Lucy Boynton‘s hair at the 2020 Oscars were copied straight from a Coco Chanel look, that’s because they were. Hairstylist Jenny Cho was going for “French chic meets young Hollywood” look with the actress’s hair for the night, and the products she used to pull it off are, perhaps unsurprisingly, every bit as French as the classic style itself.

“The hair foundation is the most important — it starts with the right shampoo and conditioner,” Cho says. “I love the Hair Rituel by Sisley Paris Color Perfecting Shampoo and Regenerating Hair Care Mask.”

Before she began blowdrying Boynton’s hair, Cho also applied Hair Rituel Volumizing Spray. To get as much shine as possible post-blowout, she added Precious Hair Care Oil.

Then, Cho used a one-inch flatiron to create S-shaped waves in Boynton’s deep-parted hair. This, she says, is her most-used styling item for all of the actress’s red-carpet appearances. “It helps to create the perfect undone texture for a short bob,” she tells Allure.

Courtesy of Sisley Paris

After shaking out the hair with her fingers, Cho polished off the look with a row of pearls attached along her side-part. This might sound a bit wild, but Cho advises using Gorilla Glue on flat-backed pearls to recreate the look at home. “As a quick tip, apply a drop with a tiny paintbrush, and give it 15 to 30 seconds to set before attaching the pearl for extra hold,” she explains. “Before walking out the door, spray the look one last time with hair spray.”

This isn’t the first bejeweled look Boynton has ever worn, and you shouldn’t expect it to be the last one, either. “[Boynton] has impeccable taste and is always open to pushing the boundaries,” Cho says. “That allows us to be in the world of limitless possibilities.”

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