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In high school, the majority of my experience with makeup came down to my yearly trip to the Clinique counter at the mall. Always scheduled just before a school dance, these appointments were the only time I bought makeup and the only time I felt like I was around someone who really knew what they were doing with mascara or blush. I trusted them to tell me what was what when it came to beauty, and I tried my best to emulate the techniques when I got home.

These days, the equivalent to the behind-the-counter makeup expert is a beauty influencer. And they’re available to anyone, anywhere 24/7. One quick hashtag search on Instagram will bring you tens of thousands of tutorials on a single makeup technique or trend. For a long time, though, these tutorials and images looked mostly the same, all aimed at creating one specific type of beauty look. Knife-sharp cut creases, dramatic contouring, and poreless, flawless skin (created with either makeup or a photo editing app) seemed to become the “right” way to do makeup overnight. But recently, with the help of a new set of beauty influencers, things seem to be shifting.

While a desire for authenticity and more realistic beauty standards on the internet has been churning for a while now, things have been slower to evolve in the beauty world. It’s easy to understand why, though, when you consider that for many years, the only beauty influencers who were taken seriously were those with the most over the top, in-your-face makeup skills — the ones that could make someone look like a completely different person. Making someone look and feel completely different by using makeup is, undoubtedly, a skill — and one that’s always going to be respected and emulated. But in 2020, there seems to finally be room for a different type of beauty influencer: one teaches people how to use makeup in a way that makes them feel like themselves.

Makeup artist and beauty influencer Katie Jane Hughes is at the forefront of changing the Instagram beauty scene into something different. Her #NormaliseSkinTexture campaign pushed back at the notion that the only way to do makeup well was to completely erase every pore and line. Now, the signature glowy complexion that she adds to all her makeup looks (one that features the completely natural pores and lines that most of us have) has become just as popular as those cut creases and heavy contouring, proving that trends can shift to include more versions of beauty than just one. Thanks to campaigns like #NormaliseSkinTexture, there are more accounts than ever that prove that “Instagram makeup” isn’t just one thing anymore.

Looking for some inspiration? Here are a handful of people, from micro-influencers to major players, that are changing the beauty influencing game.

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