Mary Greenwell Designed Makeup Looks for Fashion Gaming App Drest — Interview

With a client list that’s included Princess Diana, Cate Blanchett, and Jessica Chastain, it’s fair to say makeup artist Mary Greenwell has a knack for working with beautiful, multi-dimensional women. But you can’t say the latter about her latest clients — only because they’re literally just two-dimensional.

As of today, Greenwell is working in partnership with fashion gaming app Drest — in which users participate in styling challenges using real-life looks from brands such as Valentino and Gucci — to curate a selection of makeup looks for its avatars.

Users will have the option to virtually apply products like blush, liner, and eye shadow (choosing from subtle, cut-crease, or blended) and can follow along with in-feed tutorials by Greenwell when doing so. The makeup pro will also be launching limited-edition ready-made looks that users can apply to their avatars with a single tap.

Allure asked the makeup artist about the challenges (and surprising perks) of working with 2D clientele, and how she hopes the app will inspire users when applying makeup IRL.

If someone told you a decade ago you’d be designing makeup for avatars, how would you have reacted?

“I would have thought, ‘What a fantastic thing to do!’ Games were big 10 years ago, but I certainly didn’t expect to see fashion and beauty in this space. Drest has made its avatars look so wonderful and lifelike — curating makeup options to enhance their beauty has been so much fun, and a real privilege.”

What was it about Drest that inspired you to sign on as a partner?

“I have known Lucy [Yeomans, a longtime editor and the founder of Drest] for a long time, and [think] the notion of opening up our industry to everyone is simply wonderful. Drest provides the world with a truly creative outlet. I also love correcting other people’s work [laughs], which I was invited to do — I worked closely with the talented team at Drest to develop what they had designed for the game and introduce them to new ideas and concepts.

I helped them understand makeup and what it can do, if applied cleverly. Sometimes there can be too much choice, as a professional I know that less is required, and so I reduced the offering, enhanced and changed colors and directed positioning so that every makeup technique is represented in the way it should look in my mind.”

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