Louis Vuitton Bags: How to Buy Them and the Style to Choose

1. “Bags should not be lined in genuine suede/pigskin. Authentic linings include coated canvas, canvas, cross-grain leather, Vuittonite, and Alcantara.”

2. “Note the stitching. This should be clean and even, and there should be the same number of stitches on any given part of two bags of the same style. Generally, the thread will be a heavy wax-coated linen fiber, not thin or weak. The thread will be yellow or brown on almost all classic styles.”

3. “Look for an even pattern. Generally speaking, the monogram pattern should line up over seams and flaps and should be symmetrical from side to side. The pattern should be oriented the same way among bags of any particular style. (However, there are exceptions, especially with older styles!)”

4. “Locate the ‘made in’ stamp. Authentic Louis Vuitton bags should say Louis Vuitton and indicate the country of origin. Since the country can vary, ensure that the factory ID in the date code aligns with the country of origin noted on bag.

5. “Smell it! One major giveaway of a fake bag is a strong chemical odor.”

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