Kim Kardashian Reveals How She Reapplies Sunscreen With a Full Face of Makeup On

Anyone who wears face makeup on a daily basis understands the struggle when it comes to reapplying sunscreen, and Kim Kardashian is no exception. Turns out, the KKW Beauty founder has been looking for a product that goes on clear and works over makeup, and as she revealed this weekend on Instagram, she finally found one: Lumasol’s Post-Makeup SPF 50 Mist.

The 39-year-old reality star revealed her new SPF find in a series of short videos on her Instagram Stories. She also stipulated that it’s not an ad, so she wasn’t paid to talk about it. In the first clip in which she debuts the product, she says: “I’m so excited that I just received this Lumasol — I actually asked them to send it to me when they were launching. It’s a sunscreen that you can spray over your makeup because you have to spray sunscreen like every two hours, and I think a lot of people think you can do it just once and be good for the day but that’s not the case.”

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In the next clip, Kardashian demonstrates how the product works by misting her face liberally from roughly four inches away (eyes closed, folks). “Alright guys I’m gonna show you how it works, I’m wearing makeup and going outside so I’m just gonna mist and then wait for it to dry and then I’m all set. SPF 50 is a necessity,” she says.

It’s worth noting here that when using a sunscreen spray like this one from Lumasol, you’ll need to spritz it on very generously to get the proper amount of protection — and even then it still might not be enough so it shouldn’t be your primary form of sun protection. Definitely apply a broad-spectrum formula under your makeup first to make sure you’re covered.

That being said, in addition to broad-spectrum SPF 50, Lumasol’s sunscreen spray also contains glycerin to hydrate the skin while safeguarding it from the sun. For this reason, it could be a solid option for anyone with dry skin.

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