Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Latest Makeup-Free Selfie — See the Photos

Jennifer Lopez kicked off her Saturday morning with a new stunning makeup-free selfie, and no surprise here: It’s already going viral on social media.

The selfie in question features the 51-year-old singer in a fluffy white bathrobe with her hair worn loose around her shoulders and her skin looking lit from within. Her caption on the gorgeous snapshot reads, “Good morning everyone!!! #MorningFace,” to which folks are responding with messages like: “Natural beauty🥵🥵😍😍,” “Omg how stunning 😍😍💖💖,” and “Good morning ma❤️keep shinning😁🔑💯.”

Additionally, on Twitter, some people are responding to her post with their own #MorningFace selfies. For instance, one Twitter user writes, “Morning work face!! Looking gorgeous as always mami❤👋🏽,” while another adds, “my morning face / JLos morning face.”

It’s worth noting that J.Lo does appear to have a smidge of eyeliner on her lower lashline, though it’s most likely leftover from the night before. (We’ve all been there.) Nonetheless, from what we can tell, the rest of her face is completely bare — even her brows are undone and she clearly isn’t wearing anything on her lips either. No lipstick, no problem, people.

Both of Lopez’s posts have already amassed thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from fans who are just as awestruck as we are by her natural beauty. Speaking of which: This is far from the first time we’ve seen an au naturel photo from the Word of Dance judge. In fact, she posts without makeup on fairly often, which just goes to show how comfortable she is in her skin.

As always, we love to see Lopez embracing her beautiful bare face #MorningFace — and sharing it with the world.

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