Is It Safe to Get Multiple Ear Piercings at Once? | Expert Advice

The image of a needle piercing through someone’s body is already pretty grotesque. The sensation of having a needle pierce through your own body isn’t a fun one, either. Multiply that by three and you’ve got one of the most satisfying-yet-terrifying Instagram posts we’ve ever seen. In a recent video, Adrian Castillo, a piercer based out of 108 Studios in Brooklyn, New York, grips three needles in one hand. He lines them up with a client’s earlobe, and just as you realize what’s about to happen, it happens — he pierces three holes all at once.

This certainly isn’t a commonplace piercing method. Castillo even tells Allure, “I’ve never seen anyone else do it.” He says he learned to do this three-hole punch so that his clients who wanted multiple piercings in one location wouldn’t have to book multiple appointments. That, and so he could ensure “that I was getting straight piercings for every single hole.”

His quick video clip might make doing multiple, simultaneous piercings look easy, but that’s definitely not the case. “It takes a lot of practice,” Castillo says. “It really just takes holding the needles to your marks and being able to commit to the placement.”

While it’s entertaining as hell to watch, many of Castillo’s followers are wondering: is this safe? The body swells up when exposed to injury, piercings included, so we had to ask Castillo if he thinks his unique tactic poses any risk of damage to the ear or healing complications like rejection or keloids.

“The more [piercings] you get, the longer I feel like it takes to heal,” he explains. “I do tell people to take extra care of them since it is more trauma in a focused area, but it really is just the same as any other piercings as far as aftercare goes.” That said, Castillo only performs this type of piercing on ear lobes and upper cartilage because they’re the only areas on the body with the right amount of space.

But every piercer has their own opinion, and some would probably tell you never to get pierced this way. Matthew Mayfield, a fellow piercer from The End Is Near Piercing in Brooklyn, admits he thinks the video is pretty cool but does bring up some concerns.

“The problem with doing three at once, particularly in a lobe, is compensation for ’tissue roll’ which is hard — not impossible — to do successfully without some sort of tool to hold the tissue in place,” he points out. “It’s like holding a pillow with one hand, piercing into it, and expecting the exit points to match.”

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