How to Cut Your Own Hair At-Home, According to a Stylist

I vowed never to cut my own hair again after a major mishap during my freshman year of high school. Let’s just say, I learned my lesson the hard way. For over a decade, and up until a few days ago, I have kept that promise to myself. However, it was one I made at a time when the possibility of a worldwide pandemic was inconceivable to my teenage imagination.

I typically visit my hairstylist every three months for a trim and highlights. The last time I saw her was in November. (Let me help with the math—that’s over five months ago.) Suddenly, my locks started looking very dry and unhealthy, especially at the ends. So when I saw Jen Atkin share a couple of haircut-how-to videos on Instagram, my interest piqued. My co-workers have recently tried everything from DIY waxing to professional-level facials, so I thought to myself, “How hard could this really be?”

While I won’t be giving up appointments with my stylist in the future (Katie, if you’re reading this I would never cheat on you!), but it really wasn’t that challenging. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend trying an entirely new hairstyle on your own—after all, I only gave myself an inch trim with a few layers—but an at-home haircut is definitely doable to get by until salons reopen. Here’s how it went down.

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