How GFriend Used Beauty to Reinvent Their Image— Interview

Allow Gfriend to reintroduce themselves — better yet, allow me to introduce you to the K-pop group for the first time. 

Last year, their label, Source Music, was acquired by Big Hit Entertainment, home of BTS, and the sextet seized it as an opportunity to rewrite their playbook. With the July 13 release of their latest EP, 回:Song of the Sirens, the changes are on full display. Not only are the members a part of the album creation process — writing and composing songs, like “Tarot Card” and “Eye of the Storm” — more than ever before, they’re also bringing a bolder aesthetic and glitzier beauty moments to the stage. You can catch a glimpse at this in the exclusive selfies the girls shared with Allure

Since debuting in 2015, Yuju, the group’s main vocalist, tells Allure that GFriend’s fans used keywords like “powerful innocence” and “passionate sensibility” to describe their style. For context, the group’s first music video “Glass Bead” featured the girls fresh-faced, all with long, raven hair in matching white T-shirts and tennis skirts. They were the epitome of pure youthfulness. 

As they’ve gotten older, the group has gradually moved away from pastels and school uniforms and started changing up their minimalist beauty look: sprinkling in a burgundy hair here, subtle smoky eyes there. Then, lead vocalist Eunha signaled Gfriend’s evolution toward edginess by coloring her signature lob watermelon pink in February 2020. 

Now, Gfriend hits a crescendo with what they call a “vibrant witch” aesthetic featured in the music video for their new title track, “Apple.” (I like to think of it as goth Snow White.) With temptation as its theme, the ladies explore their darker sides with moody lipsticks, razor-sharp liner, and gilded glitter tears. 

Sowoon, the group’s leader, tells Allure she didn’t wear much makeup for the previous albums, but it’s currently the emphasis of her mystical look. Around the three minute and fifty-second mark of “Apple,” you can catch the 24-year-old with shimmering midnight blue shadow blended all over her eyes with a halo of champagne in the middle. Gems were also glued onto the center of Sowoon’s lids, and an oxblood stain was painted onto her lips before she secured a fake piercing onto her bottom lip. Right now, she’s also trying out dried flower nail art, too. “I usually like to have my nails [painted] nude and decorated with glittering stones,” though, Sowoon says.

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