Half-and-Half Hair-Color Is Trending on Instagram

For those of us who are massively indecisive, picking just one hair color can seem daunting. Thank goodness, then, that two-tone hair is the latest trend to hit the mainstream. Somewhere in Jamaica, dancehall artist Elephant Man is saying “I told you so.”

Any good dye job is more than one color, but these days, people are embracing the stark contrast between two hues and playing it up, juxtaposing two colors on different sides of one head. Singer Dua Lipa is a modern champion of the look, with dark brown hair in the back and bright blonde in the front — but she’s not the only one getting a two-toned dye job. We’re seeing folks all over our Instagram feeds embracing the look, and we expect to see more as the year goes on.

Curious to see how this is pulled off, or just looking for some new hair inspiration? We scoured Instagram to give you some great examples of how you can embrace your hair color indecisiveness.

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