Draya Michele Tells Us About Her Superdown Collab

Draya Michele has been in the fashion industry as a business owner and influencer for almost a decade now. Back in 2011, she launched Mint Swim and since that time has garnered a cult following. The media mogul has a staggering amount of Instagram followers—7.6 million, to be exact—and recently launched a clothing collaboration with Superdown and Revolve.

The collection will be an ongoing capsule and is chock-full of pieces perfect for your next night out. Michele came up with creative names for each of the items (“Expensive Date” and “I’m Outside”, to name a few) and the price range won’t break the bank, with everything ringing in between $38 to $110.

Ahead, hear directly from Michele on lessons learned from designing clothes, the wardrobe piece she’d never pay a ton of money for, and her favorite “compliment-magnet” pieces.

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