Angelica Ross on Being Transgender On-Screen and in Fashion

Do you use style as a way to empower yourself and others? And if so, what do you want your personal style to say to the world? 

My style exudes confidence, not from the price tag or the label but from how I wear it. I have spent a lifetime baring my soul. Now everything else becomes an accessory, a way to kindle and adorn beauty that is already there. Wearing headwraps is one of the ways I do this most often. Being able to take a piece of fabric or scarf laying around, wrap it around my kinky coif, and head out the door says I don’t need to fuss with my hair when I have cheekbones and lipgloss.

Along your journey, did you struggle with dressing for your body type? Do you have any style tips or lessons you’ve learned along the way that you can share? 

I have struggled my entire journey to dress for my body type. I have been labeled “too skinny” and not having enough curves, very similar to Candy Ferocity, the character I play on Pose.  So before I resorted to implants, I used various shapewear. From removable silicone breast enhancers to hip pads made out of couch foam, I used whatever tricks I could to help me bring the woman in me out of her shell.

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