An Honest Review of Sakara Life’s New Beauty Super Bar

I’ve always been a huge believer in the age-old saying “you are what you eat.” Not, perhaps, in the literal sense of the phrase, but in the physical or more intrinsic sense. For as long as I can remember, my parents (who are both 73 but look like they’re 50) have embodied an extremely active, balanced, and healthy way of life. Growing up, my brown sack lunch PB & Js were layered with organic flaxseed bread, homemade peanut butter, and fresh-cut banana, I was used to having vegetables at almost every meal, and dried pineapple rings were my idea of “dessert.” Sure, this might seem weird or even a bit extreme, but in no way was it rigid or restrictive. My parents would let me have treats and at least once a week we would order in Chinese or a Pizza Hut pizza. It was a balanced, healthy approach to nutrition, and as a side effect, I learned from a very young age how much better I felt physically and mentally when I was eating clean, colorful, non-processed food on a regular basis. 

Of course, there were the inevitable shifts when I entered college and no longer had access to my parents’ Erewhon-esque pantry, but though I definitely went through phases of far fewer vegetables and far more Bagel Bites and tequila shots, that initial whole food mindset has come full-circle. These days, I always feel my very best when I’m embodying those nutritional pillars I observed early on from my parents, which is probably why I relate to and love Sakara Life’s nutrition philosophy so much and try to incorporate the brand into my daily life as often as possible. 

Last month, I explained that in recent years I’ve become a bit jaded concerning the wellness and supplement industry. After basically performing an exorcism in my pantry (which had been stuffed with more powders, capsules, and liquid elixirs than necessary), I was left with a tight yet effective grouping of wellness products I actually believed in and noticed true benefits from. Sakara Life—and a wide variety of products from its Clean Boutique—is probably the company behind most of them. So you can imagine my excitement when the brand launched a brand-new tasty snack, the Beauty Super Bar, earlier this year. 

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