A Peek Inside the Goop’s Sundries Shop in Montecito

When I asked Gwyneth about her curation, she touched on Goop’s clean beauty standards. “Once a product passes the clean test, we try by hand everything that comes through,” she shared. “Is it efficacious, does it smell good, does it feel good? Would I spend my money on it? And if I love it and the team loves it, then it makes the cut.”

Turns out, I would spend my money on it too, as my friend and I left the shop with several purchases we deemed necessary. So far, my favorite has been Edition 04 Orchard Eau de Parfum ($55), which is the kind of gorgeous sandalwood scent that people stop me on the street to ask about. I was so impressed with the beauty selection that I took the opportunity to ask Gwyneth a bit more about her beauty routine, and, yes, about the standout product promised in the headline that provides immediate results.

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