9 Comfortable Summer Outfits That Are So Simple to Throw On

As someone who tends to put comfort first whenever getting dressed—for any occasion—I’ve found that of all the seasons, dressing comfortably in the summer is probably the most difficult. I blame it on the weather which not only rules out a lot of options due to the potential for overheating, but also tends to limit you in terms of what just looks right for a warm day or night.

The good news, however, is that while it’s admittedly not easy, it’s definitely not impossible either. All it takes is a little research, effort, and the occasional learn-from-your-mistakes moment. And, since I’ve been through all of the above (and more), I figured that today I’d share some of the outfit ideas I think are not just comfortable for the season at hand, but are actually cool, too. To see, read about, and shop all nine of the looks, just keep scrolling. 

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