9 Basic Summer Outfits That Are Easy to Throw Together

We all have our go-to outfits for every season. For me, they’re usually quite similar but with seasonal updates, such as trading in my jeans for jean shorts and putting my black boots aside in favor of black sandals. For others, the switch from a go-to winter look to an everyday summer outfit is a bit more drastic, but nonetheless, the final product is the same: a combo you can fall back on every time you think you have nothing to wear.

The great thing about this is that while we might not all have the same ’fits to fall back on, we can share them and, in essence, expand on our options. That’s why I (selfishly) tapped my fellow editors to get the deets on the easy combinations they wear on repeat every summer, and as usual, they delivered. To see, read about, and shop all nine of our looks for the months (and years) ahead, just keep scrolling.

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