55 Quarantine Gifts For Mom in 2020: Gift Ideas For Any Type of Mom

While moms may not always admit it, they love when their kids get personal when it comes to Mother’s Day presents. After all — who doesn’t fancy the feeling of opening up a gift that you can clearly tell had a ton of thought and care put into it? It doesn’t have to be anything expensive either: Simply think about your mom’s lifestyle and her likes and dislikes, land on a budget for yourself, and go from there.

For instance, if your mom is a huge fan of traveling and is an avid reader, why not get her a gorgeous travel book that can also double as a chic coffee table accessory? Or, if your mom is someone who always has to have her nails done, an at-home manicure kit is an excellent idea that shows you pay attention to all the little details about her. Whatever it is that makes your mom unique — use that as your starting point and it won’t steer you wrong.

Speaking of which: To send you in the right direction, we took the liberty of compiling a slew of gift ideas for every type of amazing mom and mother figure out there. Ahead, find 55 Allure-approved picks that will make your mama swoon this Mother’s Day.

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