5 Women Over 40 Show How to Style a Tee and Jeans

T-shirts and jeans just go together. The simplicity of a lived-in tee in a breathable cotton fabric married with the timelessness of a pair of jeans is the style equivalent of bread and butter. Take all of that and team it with a dose of style experience by way of women over 40 and what do you have? As it turns out, a whole lot of great style advice.

We turned to Instagram to find out the formulas for how our favorite influencers over 40 are wearing their tees and jeans these days. Many of these chic women are going the blazer approach (as you’ll learn below) but a few are also turning to bright, bold accessories and a slew of laid-back layers as well. Ahead, see seven outfits to help refresh your tee-and-jeans collection, and shop our picks to get these influencers’ spot-on looks. 

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