4 Color Trends Women Are Wearing in Paris, Tokyo, and Amsterdam

Even though I love wearing color, I’m no expert at figuring out which hues go best together. There are always those classic pairings (like black and white), but every season introduces fun combinations that are ripe for experimenting. To find fresh color trends, I picked three major cities and delved into what local women are wearing right now—and yes, I came away with some inspiring ideas.

For starters, I noticed two trends in Paris that are on total opposite ends of the spectrum. On one hand, stylish Parisians are combining blue and yellow in fun, spring-ready ways. On the other hand, French women are also loving head-to-toe chocolate brown lately. Which trend is more your style? Scroll down to see examples of these color combos in Paris, as well as the hues that are popping up in Tokyo and Amsterdam. And of course, shop our picks while you’re at it!

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