36 Chic and Affordable Dresses, Skirts, and Pants

There are plenty of things one can do when bored—read a book, take a walk, call your mom, try a new recipe…the list goes on. Shopping is certainly not the only remedy to boredom, but if you find yourself in need of certain items that may make your life easier (and more stylish), why not spend some of your downtime shopping for them? And I don’t know about you, but three things I never seem to have enough of are dresses, skirts, and pants. 

I wasn’t bored, per say, but I just spent longer than I care to admit perusing the internet for the very best of those aforementioned items so that even if you’re not bored, you can still take a few minutes to scroll through my chic and affordable selections (because who wants to spend their downtime going into debt?). Below, you’ll find skirts and dresses of every length and pants for every occasion from some of your favorite brands. 

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