3 Under-$100 Activewear Looks to Shop Right Now

I have always loved activewear, but my appreciation for the clothing category is on a whole new level now that I’m spending 99% of my time at home. Leggings, sports bras, and bike shorts are just about all I’ve been wearing seven days a week for 20 weeks. (Has it really been that long?) If it has, then I’m definitely overdue for some fresh ‘fits—my appearance and my mood would both benefit tremendously.

There are a few people I regularly Instagram-stalk for outfit ideas when I’m in a style rut—such as the one I’ve currently found myself in—one of whom is Cierra Nia. I can’t think of a better way to describe her style than fun. She never shies away from color and print, which is exactly the type of mentality I’d like to adopt right about now. “I’ve always found comfort in being able to express myself through my clothing,” she tells me when I reach out for some activewear style advice. There’s more of her fashion wisdom plus the cute JoyLab activewear she’s been living in below.

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