23 Affordable Home Décor Items for Fashion Girls

For the record, I know nothing about home décor, but I do pride myself on having at least a little bit of taste. That being said, I thought it might be fun to share with you all of the items I’ve been looking to add to my apartment here in New York. Since my rent is already way too much than I would care to admit, that leaves a pretty small budget for home décor, but somehow, I managed to find tons of items under $100 that will make my apartment look 10 times more exciting and 10 times more fashionable. 

Due to the low price point, you won’t find any pieces of furniture here, but instead, you’ll see a slew of stylish coffee table books, quirky trinkets, and everything in between. The object of these affordable home décor items is to liven up your living space with unique and eye-catching pieces that will leave you and your guests smiling every time. 

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