21 Affordable Spring Accessories That Will Make an Outfit

I’m just going to come out and say it: Accessories make an outfit. Think about it. You could be wearing the most basic of outfit combos (think jeans and a T-shirt), but add the right jewelry, a killer handbag, and chic shoes, and suddenly you have yourself a look. And as someone who errs on the side of casual most of the time, I rely heavily on accessories to take my outfit up a notch. For springtime, I typically look to the jewelry, hair accessory, and handbag categories to elevate my outfit since there’s a bit less flexibility in footwear (at least in comparison to fall or winter, when the boot options are endless).

So after examining some of the biggest spring 2020 trends, I’ve zeroed in on the accessories I’ll be adding to my wardrobe to jazz up all my outfits moving forward. Whether I’m wearing a sundress or blazer combo, these accessories are the ideal add-ons to make my outfit feel more intentional and thoughtful instantly. And since I’m trying to be mindful of my budget, I’ve scoured the internet to find the most affordable versions of each item on my list, most of which are well under $100. From the chain necklaces I’ll be layering over my T-shirts to the silk scarves I’ll be adding to my hair, below are the 21 best affordable spring accessories that will level up my wardrobe. 

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