13 Under-$40 Tops That Will Make Your Winter Wardrobe

Is it just me, or does the search for good tops never end? It’s like, the second you think you have a handful that works in your rotation, either the season changes or they fall out of style or you somehow still need more. Between work tops, party tops, casual tops, and whatever else one may need a blouse for (I’m sure you can think of something), not only are they necessary in any wardrobe, but they can help to make or break an outfit.

Given all of this information, it might not be too surprising to hear me admit that I seriously struggle with the category and oftentimes just end up wearing T-shirts and sweaters instead of trying to make the blouse thing happen. However, this season I’m hoping to change that, and my first step is shopping a few of the affordable styles you’re about to see below (thanks, of course, to our very own Who What Wear collection for Target). Consider this a low-risk, extremely high-reward situation that will majorly upgrade your winter wardrobe. Buy them, wear them all season, and feel like you finally made it—that is until spring arrives, but we’ll help you when you get there, too. Ready to start shopping? Just keep scrolling.

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